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>> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. at least six people were shot at an east palo alto mcdonald's. sergio quintana is live. reporter: right now police investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. there's still a whole lot of people own scene. a lot of police officers trying to piece thought was involved, who may be responsible for the shooting. next to them this mcdonald's. what we understand from fire emergency crews who arrived on scene, they found six people injured in this shooting.
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five of them were injured by gunshots. a sixth person suffered from shrapnel or glass particles. that is a child, very young child. we do not have specific information on how they're doing. they were all transported to area hospitals. how this started is something investigators are trying to piece together. witnesses say there were two different groups at the mcdonald's that seemed to have been communicating with each other, and then something set off one of the groups and they started shooting into the mcdonald's. that is basically where the people were injured, inside the mcdonald's. there was a vehicle that drove off. thates the suspect vehicle. right now investigators are trying to get more details so they can find the vehicle. we don't really know what started this, but police believe this is gang-related.
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we'll have more details at 6:00. reporting live in east palo alto, i'm sergio quintana. >> ama: details are up folding today after five women were killed in a limo fire last night. this is new video of the fire taken by a witness who was driving by. the women were in the middle of a late-night bridal shower when the flames erupted. the bride-to-be did not survive. we have team coverage on the victims and the service that operated the limo. the limo stopped on the san mateo bridge at 10:00. nine women were sell grating a friend's marriage and were heading to foster city. the women are from all over the bay area. here's more on the victims. >> we have learned that 31-year-old used to work here at the fruit vail healthcare
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center. one of the ones that was killed last night. she had been married here in the u.s. already and was soon to go to the philippines. she and eight friends were supposed to be going out last night partying. instead now five families are in mourning. five women died in this car fire captured on a cell phone camera on the san mateo bridge. it happened at 10:00 p.m. the car was traveling westbound and nearing foster city when the rear portion of the stretch limousine started smoking and shortly burst into flames. the driver pulled over and got out of the car, as did four of the nine women inside. five died, unable to get out past the flames, according to the chp. one of the victims was the bride. a friend of 43-year-old mary guardiano. guardiano managed to escaped. her mother confirmed the bride died in the car. >> to a bridal shower.
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of a friend. get married on june. >> she told us the group was on their way to the crown plaza hotel for the shower party. the coroner's office has not confirmed the names of the bride or the other four women who died in the car. a neighbor of another survivor told us at one point many, if not all the women worked as nurses he at the medical center. saturdayneath's fatalle car fire clogged traffic on the bridge. the chp shut down all lanes for 40 minutes. the owner of the lincoln had all his permits, insurance and licenses up to date, according to the public utility commission. all four surviving women are recuperating from smoke inhalation at stanford medical center and valley medical center. the california highway patrol is investigating the crash. we're live in oakland. abc7 news. >> ama: here are the four women who century individual.
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marry guardiano, alameda. tomas talked to her mother. jasmine desquia. amalia loyola and nelia arellano. abc7 news knick smith talked to a friend visiting a victim at stanford today. nick? >> as you might imagine, all of these women knew each other very well. we spoke to a family friend who knew both nelia and the bride, who is now deceased. he says that unfortunately this is the type of situation where no one can plan for, and they, too are simply just trying to get as much information as they can. >> so, yeah.
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reporter: roy not only knew the bride who was killed, he also new nelia, and she was one of the women brought to standard medical center. family friends spoke about how they're still trying to process what happened. one thing i can tell you, back here live, we have reached out to the limousine driver. we now have a statement from the limousine driver -- excuse me -- the owner of the limousine company. he wrote to us and contacted us and sold us, in a statement, we're deeply saddened by the tragedy last night involving the young women. five of whom lost their lives in the limousine fire on the san mateo bridge. we'll do everything possible to cooperate in the investigation. we'll still follow the story. at stanford medical center, abc7 news. >> ama: stay with abc7 news for any developing updates in the investigation. our live team coverage continues on abc7 news at 6:00. and anytime on our web site,
5:07 pm or if breaking details from the twitter feed, abc7 news bay area. breaking news now los gatos. one person has died and another is missing. sky 7hd shows us where a canoe capsized in the reservoir. divers are looking for one man who vanished. two people from the canoe made it to shore safely, one other person's body was found in the car. the boaters were not wearing life jackets and were all from the same family. >> it has certainly cooled off here in the bay areament -- area. such a change from yesterday to today. meteorologist leigh glaser is here to show us just how much it has cooled off in 24 hours. >> leigh: some locations, as much as 30 degrees, but you've probably noticed all the dark clouds, and live doppler 7hd picking up in movement some thunderstorms have been toward
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ukiah, and susanville, lightning strikes as the moisture feeds from the south to the north and wrapping back around towards the west. much of this is the higher elevation terrain, but the accuweather forecast, cooler temperatures as well, a lot of wind this morning. >> ama: for the second straight day israel has apparently attacked targets inside syria. reportedly striking in and around the capitol of dam damas. the latest violence comes as president obama wrestles with calls that the united states fifth more support. reporter: fire balls and explosions. tore through the night sky over the syrian capitol of damascus. syria said israel struck three different targets, including a
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military research center. there were also reports of a strike against ground to ground missile headed to hezbollah. sunday morning's air strikes followed another attack by israel on friday, also said to be against hezbollah-bound missiles. israel has deployed two of its renowned iron dome antimissile batteries to the north, near the syrian and lebanese borders. the israeli attacks come at a sensitive time for president obama, who faces criticism he has not done enough to support rebel fighters in the two-year civil war against the regime of president bashar assad. the president is not inclined to send in american troops. >> i do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground -- american boots on the ground would not only be good for america but also would be good for syria. >> a top republican agrees, says the president needs to --
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>> establish a safe zone and to protect it and to supply weapons to the right people in syria. >> on sunday, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with his security cabinet but did not cancel a planned trip to china, suggesting that for now israel doesn't expect an imminent counterattack. abc news, jerusalem. >> ama: still ahead at 5:00, we'll look at what progress firefighters are making with wildfires, now that the weather has cooled off. plus... >> his whole jaw just clamped down on my leg. >> ama: a florida teen survives a shark attack. he made it out a
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>> ama: firefighters expected cooler weather and cooler conditions are helping contain wildfires. in ventura county the springs fire is expected to be fully contained tomorrow. the panther fire is now 40% contained and full containment expected by thursday in summit fire in riverside county is fully contained. south of the fire, also in riverside, a fire is 30% contained. it's already burned 650 acres in just two days. coming up next at 5:00, what a change a day can make. meteorologist leigh glaser tells
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>> ama: a florida teenager is doing about as well as can be expected after nearly getting his leg taken off by a shark. michael adler is resting at the hospital today. yesterday he was surfing with friends. suddenly he felt pressure on his leg and started paddling as fast as he could. he managed to shake his leg free and get out of the water. >> i wasn't in that much pain at all, so i thought pretty cool i just got bit by a shark, because hasn't really happened to too many people. >> ama: pretty cool, i suppose. michael had surgery on his ankle. should recover. obviously he looks like he is in good spirits. doctors say it's thanks to another surfer who may have
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saved michael's life because he used the leash from a surf board to make a town -- dan damage for his leg. >> leigh: we'll continue with a chance of isolated showers, maybe a little thunder. those in the north bay also near san francisco, lightning this morning, a little thunder, as the area of low pressure continues to rotate. doctor tomorrow doctor -- live doppler 7hd right here, we're looking pretty good here, check it out to the north of us, the rotating showers heading up towards the north and east of the region there, up 101. and these are actually rotating from east to west. some isolated thunderstorms have just been raging this afternoon.
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check out the feed of moisture. look at all the lightning strikes as this cell moves up. so south lake tahoe, blue canyon, going from east to west, which means parts of the bay area may hear also thunder this jean as -- this evening as well. point -- half moon bay, gusting winds to 45. and those winds still going to be with us. we do have a wind advisory for much of the bay area, and that will be in place until 9:00 this evening. gusts possibly, mainly higher elevations to 45 miles-per-hour. right now the wokens have started to die down. still get michigan -- getting some gusts at 26. 25 mt. view. in the north by, napa, westerly wind at eight miles-per-hour. here's a look at the temperature drop the last 24 hours.
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down 12 in santa rosa, novato, down 20 degrees. livermore, down 19. down 22 in concord. the reason why, the low clouds and dog and the stronger sea breeze. 66 in san san jose. here's a look at the highlights. chance of showers tonight. showers possible, maybe a clap of thunder for monday, and then the latter part of the work week, temperatures will start to warm back up. we'll be in the 50s tonight. the clouds will be with us, windy near the coast, and all because of this area of low pressure set up just off the coast. by 8:00 tonight it will continue to spread waves of showers. a lot of this will stay mainly up along the higher elevations, but some of these blowoff storms right here will rotate back towards the west and that's going to keep a chance of showers and thunder in the forecast for tomorrow.
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so, here's a look at the highs. 72, san jose. 70, kuper -- cupertino. san francisco tomorrow, a drop or two. 66. in the north bay, 67 for sonoma. 70 vallejo. 68 for san leandro, 69, oakland. best chance of thunder in the east bay valleys, higher ter -- terrain. the seven-day forecast, chance for tuesday and then starts to ease up a little bit. more sunshine friday, saturday, sunday, and we're back into the 80s. >> ama: looks good. mike shumann is here with sports. the a's seemed to like new york mike: swinging freely again. as they take two out of three from the yankees, and cespedes had some inspiration from yankee stadium
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>> mike: home run derby for the a's at yankee stadium and that usually equals a victory. but the a's had to awayed in the ninth. cespedes was inspired because his mom made the trip from florida to see him play. a's up 2-1. in the fifth, cespedes launches a blast. a's on top 4-1, and that puts a smile on mama's face. lyle overbay, singles to center.
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two runs score, we're tied at 4. a's regain the lead in the eighth. josh donaldson. gone. towering shot to left. his third. a's back on top. now in the ninth, yankees threatening with a tying run at second. but grant balfour gets the job done. the a's take 2-3 from the yankees, 54 the final. >> lebron james named the much much, and -- the most valuable player and was one vote shy of -- he and russell are the only two to win it four times in five years. lebron graciously thanked his teammates. >> nothing that i receive individually is possible without those 14 guys, because of what they sacrifice each and every day. i wish there was 15 of these up here because i'm with a great
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goop of guys that allow me to be the mvp each and eave night. >> fans getting primed before facing the grizzlies. okc down one. durant buries two of his 35. thunder up one. last chance for memphis. grizzlies down 3-1. quincy pondexter fouled, shooting a three. really? coaches hate that. pondexter missed the first. has to mills the second, hoping to get the basket. oklahoma wins, 93-91. >> in the east, knicks and pacers. patrick ewing in the house. carmelo anthony leading the way for new york. he stops about gets the bull -- ball back. the day belonged to the pacers. third quarter, david west. he had 20. pacers by nine. in the fourth, west puts the game out of reach. getsgets the floater to drop. pacer with the win. they good up 1-0 in their
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series. >> to the links. rainy day nor final round of the wells fargo championship. phil mickelson's par putt is short. finished one shot become at 7:00-under. 22-year-old rookie derrick ernst on 18. got it. sudden death playoff with lin. ernst, pleaded two putts for the win. his birdie attempt lipped out but taps in for the win. the 1,207th ranked player in the world takes home $1.2 million. another first-time winner on tour. >> sharks at the tank looking to go up 3-0 on vancouver. >> thank you, shu. >> ama
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00. more witnesses are coming forward after the deadly limo fire that claimed five lives. plus, looking for a new place to pray. why a church in the east bay is being forced to find a new home. that's at 6:00. there was dancing in at the streets of san francisco today about behalf -- brava organized these mural dances. it was a special event hosted by "7 on your side". they enter -- toured mission district murals. that's it for us at 5:00.
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thank you for joining us. world news is next. see you at this is "world news." tonight, the air strikes over syria. the dramatic images. rockets streak through the night's sky. flaming tensions across the region. will the sudden move by israel force america's hand? and what was it they were aiming for? our correspondent in jerusalem tonight. deadly ride. the horror on an american bridge. the bridal shower, the women trapped when their limousine erupts into flames. nine women struggling to escape. samaritans trying to help. the new search tonight. federal agents on the hunt in boston. what are they looking for now? as the family of the alleged bombers shows up at that funeral home. and a community up in arms tonight. and proof, this evening, it's an iron-clad formula at theaters across the globe. why are so many searching for a hero?

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